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August Workshops with Lalit

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Backbending Workshop with Lalit


backbends workshop

Learn to back bend with strength & integrity in this workshop with Yogacharya Lalit.
Find more space in your back bends whilst developing safe preparatory back bending skills that you can incorporate into your own practice. A combination of heart opening and lower back bending postures that build strength and flexibility whilst invigorating.
This workshop is open to all levels and will include chanting, pranayama and plenty of interesting back bends! Lalit will assist students who are open to receiving adjustments into deeper poses.
Date: 11/08/2013 at 14.00-16.00
Price: €25.00

Hip Opening Workshop with Lalit


Date: 18/08/2013 at 14.00-16.00
Price: €25.00

Lalit will take students through a series that includes, standing and seated, hip opening postures that release energy and tension in this area. The hips hold tension and become tight from daily repetitive activities such as sitting at office desks and driving- tight hips can lead to lower back pain and imbalances throughout the rest of the body.

By exploring hip opening postures and deepening our existing hip opening poses we can release this area and improve our overall asana practice. This workshop is open to all levels and will include chanting and pranayama and deep hip opening poses.
Date: 18/08/2013 at 14.00-16.00
Price: €25.00

Please note that Lalit’s workshops fill quickly and spaces are

limited so book early to avoid disappointment!

Yoga Workshop in Cashel with Yogacharya Lalit!

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Yoga Workshop in Cashel with Yogacharya Lalit


Sunday 14th July-Spafield Resource Centre, Old Road, Cashel, Co. Tipperary

Workshops No. 1-Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga(11am-1pm)

Lalit will explain what yoga is all about in simple language. You will learn basic pranayama, yoga postures and their health benefits under Lalit’s expert guidance.

Followed by light lunch and refreshments

€40 per person and includes lunch


Workshop No. 2-Sun Salutations(2.30-4.30pm)

Lalit deconstructs Sun Salutation postures. He will bring attention to the finer details of alignment. Students will practice under Lalit’s supervision, receiving adjustments if necessary.

Followed by tea and scones.

€40 per person and includes afternoon tea

***Discount of €70  for both workshops***

Places strictly limited-pre-booking is essential

To book a place contact:

Ruth Barry 089-4208581 or Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre 0214279696


Awakening the Body with Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

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Awakening the Body with Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

cork training

Training this August with expert structural body worker Adam Divine at Himalaya Yoga Valley Cork 

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is a dynamic and deeply therapeutic massage. It fuses the sister sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga creating a strong deep tissue massage with assisted yoga stretches.

The massage combines deep tissue massage with sesame oil and ayurvedic herbal powders which gently exfoliate the body and on a deeper level they sink in to detoxify the body.

Then comes the yoga. Our body is warmed up, energy is moving and then through assisted yoga stretches inspired by Iyengar, we can really explore our range of movement, flexibility and breath with the stretches. Create space for ourselves.

The yoga stretches range from an assisted cobra stretch to a combination of spinal twists. We might also receive a range of assisted padangustasana (hip stretches) and a spin on badakonasana (bound angle pose). There are also many shoulder girdle stretches. All the stretches work to open up the body three dimensionally, get breath moving fully and naturally increase our stamina and awareness of the body.

“Through synchronised breathwork, the receiver is led progressively deeper into assisted yoga postures that help correct postural imbalances and restore harmony to the body,” says James Winstanley, founder of the Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Institute.

The massage was developed in the last twenty years by Master Kusum Modak.  She learned yoga directly with BKS Iyengar in Pune and brought this into her knowledge and understanding of the body through ayurvedic massage.

“Someone else is doing all the work for you – the lazy man’s yoga, the ultimate!  If I could get that every day I would be very happy,” says Master Kusum. “Actually as the receiver you cannot just relax, lie down; and I start working on you. It is not like that. You should be aware and only then will you feel that something is changing in your body. Then after the first one or two sessions, which is our learning process – to see where you are holding the problem, the tightness, the tension. Then we know how to go forward little by little, the body opening like a flower petal by petal.”

An ayurvedic yoga massage session is a dialogue – both the giver and the receiver learn to listen to the body. Listening is the most important part of any dialogue.

When we realign the body, release stress and tension, we can also unlock trapped emotions that we hold in the body. We can see ourselves for who we really are.

We detox our mind, body and spirit with this massage.The oil and herb combination balances the body elements (doshas in ayurveda), improves circulation, releases toxins and aligns the musculoskeletal system which is vital for posture and energy flow. The calamus powder which is an ayurvedic herb from the ginger root family stimulates blood flow, calms the mind and directly revitalizes prana (vital energy of the body).

Ayurveda and Yoga are healing modalities which have been evolving for 5000 years. These sister sciences work together to give you an insight into how we tick. Their principles are deeply rooted in nature’s intelligence and therefore in the integration of body, mind and spirit.

Learn Ayurvedic Yoga Massage in Cork in August. Adam Divine has been practising AYM for eight years and this will be his second time teaching the course in Cork. He is also the anatomy lecturer for Himalaya Yoga Valley.

To enroll in this course you can follow this link

If you have any questions about the course you can get in touch with Adam via the office at 021 427 9696 or by email


Kids Yoga

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Yoga for Kids!

This yoga class is excellent for developing co-ordination, concentration and confidence in children. It is a creative, non-competitive, calming physical activity and it’s also lots of fun!

This class is taught by Mary Kelly who is qualified in Early Childhood Development and Children’s Yoga.

We are a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Centre so our teachers are trained to the highest of standards.

It is excellent value at €10 per child and €5 for each extra child!

The classes run every Wednesday from 15.45 for 4-9 Year Olds.



Office Open on Christmas Eve!

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Looking for that perfect last minute gift?

Give the gift of health and serenity this season!! Give the Gift of Yoga!!

The office will be open on Monday 24th December, Christmas Eve, between 11am-2pm for last minute vouchers!

Wishing you all a very safe and peaceful Christmas!


Pregnancy Yoga Frequently Asked Questions

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Join us for a prenatal yoga class! See the Q&A’s below.

I have never practiced yoga before can I still join a class?
Definitely! Pregnancy is actually a time when many women start yoga due to being a gentle and safe exercise for pregnancy. Many of them continue their practice for years after they have their babies. All of the postures can be modified to the level of the student and stage of the pregnancy.

When can I start a pregnancy yoga class?

It is recommended to start a class after the first trimester of your pregnancy. During the first trimester, your body is going through many changes. Rest and relaxation is best during this time until energy levels have returned to normal which usually happens during the second trimester. If you are unsure, ask your doctor. You can join a pregnancy yoga class anytime during the second or third trimester, at any stage, it’s never too late.

I already practice yoga, is it O.K. to continue with my normal yoga classes?
Yes if you already have a regular practice, but make sure you let your teacher know so they can show you some modifications of postures and those to avoid. During the first trimester your body needs rest and relaxation but if your energy levels are O.K. and you feel comfortable in your practice you can continue to come to your regular class or a gentler level class. It is best to slow down your pace and always listen to your body.

I have had complications with pregnancy, should I still come to a prenatal yoga class?
Our pregnancy yoga classes are very gentle and can be of great help to many complications and discomforts that can come with some pregnancies, however it is important to get approval from your doctor first and it is absolutely essential that you let your teacher know about these complications.

Why should I do pregnancy yoga?

Here are some benefits of yoga      

Yoga improves the blood circulation and minimizes the problems of water retention and edema.

Yoga reduces the anxiety and stress and induces a relaxing sleep. It helps women adapt to the new situations.

It successfully expels toxins from the body and improves digestion.

Yoga is a safe way for strengthening muscles and joints.

It regulates blood pressure and sugar levels in body and thus helps in preventing the risk of getting diabetes and high blood pressure during pregnancy.

Yoga stimulates the nerves and calms the body and mind. Breathing exercises regulate the hormones and emotions.

Yoga improves the posture and thus helps in easing back problems which are common in most of the pregnant women.

Regular practice of yoga stretches many ligaments throughout the pelvic, hip and leg areas, which eases labor pain.

Breathing exercises reduce mood swings, nausea and morning sickness.

Yoga strengthens the abdominal muscles which take part in pushing the baby through the birth canal.

 I would like to find our more.Who can I talk to?

Please drop us a line, call in to the studio or send us an email and we will be in touch with you.

Do I need to bring anything?

We have absolutely everything including mats and props at the centre. Just come wearing comfy clothes and you are good to go! Please come 10 minutes early for your first class.

Will it be expensive?

We know that you already have plenty of shopping to do for your new arrival and that’s why our pregnancy classes although specialty are our usual super affordable prices. See here for class pass and single drop in class price details.